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Transnational trade marking AWE products and services
with prefix Ultra__™   for the airborne wind energy industry:

UltraPilot™          UltraWing™        UltraKite™           KitePilotSchool™

AWE to the world!

KG is approaching for coordinated projects and proposals:

      General Research & Design Subgroup
      Product Development & Manufacturing/Production Subgroup
      Finance, Logistics, and Products Warehousing & Distribution Subgroup
      Education, Trainings, and Documentations Subgroup
Special Services Subgroup
      - Hydro Station Support
      - Mines Removal Projects
      - Fire-Fighting
      - Surveillance
      - Search & Rescue Services
Further Divisions Within Product Development & Manufacturing/Production
      = Kites & Kite Accessories
      = Toy & Fun Products (indoors and outdoors suitable for kids up to 120 yr)
      = Light Sports Products (Suitable for children and young adults < 18years)
      = Hang Gliding and SuperSports Scales (FF-AWECS)
      = Micro Energy Products ( 0+ up to 1W)
      = Mini Energy Products (1 W to 100 W)
      = Small Scale Energy Products (100 W to 10 kW)
      = Medium Scale Energy Products (10 kW to 10 MW)
      = Large Scale Energy Systems (above 10 MW)

While the Kites & Kite Accessories Division will concern itself purely with kites, kytoons, and lifting shaped aerostats of all sizes and applications, the other products divisions will be more focused on complete systems targeted at specific applications deploying appropriate kites from the Kites Division as necessary in the application.

News Release for AWE Community
approved by AWEIA protem president John Oyebanji
and sent out by temporary coordinator:
News Release:

Airborne Wind Energy Industry Association (AWEIA)
~~~global service, member of Global Wind Energy Council~~~

Persons, companies, and corporations in four sectors in about 233 countries are invited:
1. AWE Companies
2. AWE Supply-Chain Entities
3. AWE Individual
4. No-dues individuals, companies, corporations

The "here" link at the top of the revised page
is for joining the first tier membership in the global AWE Community
at AWEIA: 

Best of energetic lift to you and yours,